E Aeolian

Learning Module 2


Performance Notes

The first chord "E min +5" has a harmonic played for one of the notes, the B string at 12th fret. 

This is actually quite easy to play although will almost guaranteed feel unfamiliar the first few times a guitarist tries playing a chord with two fretted notes and a harmonic.

Fretted-with-harmonic chords are intrinsically beautiful sounds to play. More than a novelty, this type of sound is very recommendable.



The E Aeolian Mode pattern is used for improvising with this modal chord progression.


Learning Opportunity

This is an area to have a quick discussion about chords.

"First inversion" means the third note of the chord is on the base.

"E min 1st inversion" has the G note on the base.

"A min9 1st inversion" has the C note on the base.

The difference in names is the interval of the open B string; B is the fifth of E,

whereas the note B is the ninth of the A chord, resulting in the title "A min9".

Such information is not necessary to play these chords with style and ease. The usefulness is for writing chord progressions with an awareness of the possibilities to design a sense of bass line and top note melody.

The harmonic boundaries of the E Aeolian mode provide seven chords to write many potential chord charts. To do so with inventive flexibility requires an overview of the musical resources.