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Leaning Module Objectives

A learning module has an objective, and that is to provide something nice to play, in a single modal tonality.

This is accomplished with a four bar chord chart, with accompanying maps.

Most of the time these chords are not "strummable", and so in order to play these nice sounds, a musical score is then used to give an idea of how these chords are usable, with an audio preview.

The second objective is to provide an opportunity to improvise over the modal chord chart.

A future objective is to then give access to a limited yet valuable range of musical resources, in context of the modal tonality, to allow the guitarist to explore the idea of writing their own variations of the chord progression the module began with.

Currently, the plan is to include "Melody Arpeggios" that are structured using only the notes of the mode the learning module deals with. Arpeggios are like chords only they play a musical outline of chord with a sequence of single notes.

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